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Butterflies Themed Surprise Proposal at Famous Historic Music Studio

Captured & submitted by The Rose Reflective

Jayme LOVES all things Kacey Musgraves and her song “Butterflies” has played a huge role in Jayme and Abby’s love story. Jayme thought she had planned a portrait session with me for her and her girlfriend Abby, but Abby hit my dms the day after Jayme’s inquiry to tell me she wanted to use this day as her proposal to Jayme. So while Jayme thought she was in charge, Abby and I planned their big moment.

We knew we had to make this day extra special. We landed on Muscle Shoals Sound Studio as our location, since it is steeped in history and has a kickass airstream outside the studio. I contacted local Muscle Shoals musician Katlyn Barnes to cover Kacey Musgraves’s “Butterflies” as the proposal went down. I asked my sister, Addi Mae Baine, to stand in as a photographer for Katlyn, so we could get another perspective and have a cover for Katlyn.

Finally the day arrived. Jayme and Abby set toward Muscle Shoals from Atlanta, GA. I woke up early and met Katlyn Barnes and Addi to do a few run-throughs of Abby and Jayme’s proposal at Muscle Shoals Sound. I had my husband act as my couple. I set up 3D butterflies and photos that Abby sent me from highlights in their relationship, then I set off to meet Jay and Abby for brunch at Jack’s Place Bistro where we talked about some of their favorite memories together and moments that led them to where they are now. Jayme was still clueless. She even wore a ring on her left ring finger. You can listen in on the slideshow below.

We grabbed some Singing River beer from North Wood Wine and Spirits and headed off to do the dang thing. We started as a normal session, then I asked Abby to walk Jayme around the corner and up to the airstream. Katlyn played “Butterflies” as Abby spun Jayme to see their setup. She got down on her knee and said, “I want this to be perfect. I don’t have a speech, but will you marry me?” followed by a sobbing “YES!!!” from Jayme. We celebrated accordingly, then headed to GunRunner Hotel for a drink where Abby and Jayme called the people they loved most.

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