Fun VW Engagement Session

Captured & submitted by Courtland Photography

Tayler and Zach are such a fun couple! Read their interview and enjoy looking at their engagement pics!

Let’s start at the beginning. How did you two first meet?

Zach’s mom is a family friend. My family lives in another city, and when I met her and she found out that I lived in the same county, she insisted I come over for dinner. Well I did, I met her family, and Zach came home from work, and we have pretty much been inseparable ever since.

What makes your relationship special?

Zach love restoring old VW’s. He has been teaching me how to work on his car with him over the last 6 years. I helped him put in his motor, and just like hanging out with him when he is doing some of the work that is way over my head. His is now fully restored and we just purchased a 1956 Oval Rag-top beetle for me. That started as our first favorite past time. We really enjoy doing pretty much anything together! It is nice because we really are best friends. We truly enjoy just being together.

How did you know your partner was the one?

I don’t think we ever had a specific moment that we knew that we were each other’s person. We just hit it off right off the bat, and we have really been two peas in a pod ever since. As lame as it sounds, we just always knew. We found each other when we least expected it and it is always so natural. Looking back at it, we laugh because shortly after we started dating we were going to run to Tahoe to get married. But we are glad we waited so we can celebrate the life we have built with our loved ones.

Talk about the proposal.

Zach knew that I really wanted to go to LA. I wanted to see where my favorite shows were filmed. He told me that it was my Christmas present. He had it planned for some time. We were in the driveway getting ready to leave. I remember Zach got in the car, I was going to drive, and he was staring at me and I remember thinking hmm, something is up. He looked at me but I felt something, I could tell. (We are connected, I am telling you.) He said, “I was going to wait, but I don’t want to wait anymore.” He started to reach for his pocket. I was like NOOOO WAYYYY, he is a joker!!!!! I thought for sure he was messing with me. He pulled out this little tiny white bag. It had a little drawstring. I feel like I slightly blackout. He pulled my grandmother’s wedding ring out of that little white bag. I DO NOT THINK HE EVEN ASKED ME. I grabbed the ring and started screaming. I got out of the car, ran screaming to his side, and screamed some more. We hugged and kissed and he asked me. I can’t remember if I already had the ring on or not.  I am glad we were at home. I have been wanting to marry him for so long and I would have made him question his decision haha, it was amazing. Couldn’t better fit us really. Always so excited to share good news, give each other presents. We have no patience when we have something for each other. This was not different!

Tell me about the ring!

My grandmother adopted me when I was 5, and she and her husband raised me. They were my parents. I was unsure if my late grandmother was buried with her ring. Apparently the second year after we were dating my grandpa and Zach talked about it. He told Zach that when he was ready to come to him and get it. And he would be so happy to have him. Zach told me that he was going to get Christmas presents and went to my grandpa’s house to discuss and get the ring. It is a Marquee diamond in the middle, with little diamonds all around it, and gold. It fits perfectly. It is beautiful and it is the only real piece of jewelry I have ever owned. I feel like a princess!

Wedding planning.

I am just so excited for the day. I just want to have everyone we love be there, to party and have the best time.

Briefly describe your experience during our engagement session together.

It was special. Zach and I are pretty low maintenance, we have never had pictures taken, and it was definitely a new experience. We had SO MUCH FUN!!!!! We laughed, we played (which is pretty much all we do day to day). The pictures I feel really showed how we are. It didn’t hide all that is us, our silly playing. Courtland was seriously amazing!!!! He was a game changer. We felt so comfortable. I feel like he put up with all of our shenanigans and I feel like he had just as much fun as we did. I cannot wait to have him on our day! We are so lucky to have found him. He really found us and captured it in our pictures.

Anything else?

Thank you Courtland!!!!! We are so excited to get married and party! VW Style!

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