Red River Engagement Shoot in Austin, Texas

Captured & submitted by Nikk Nguyen Photo

A historical Red River engagement shoot in Austin, TX

It’s no surprise that I enjoy a good love story. My entire photography business is based on people being in love and celebrating their marriage. I love the everyday love story – the couple whose paths cross while simply living their day-to-day life. Alison and Ben’s love story was built on common interests and similar passions. They met at work and bonded over their love of music. But when they started running into each other at concerts and music festivals around town, they decided to start going together! Eventually, they started dating and the rest is history! This was what inspired them to have engagement photos by music venues along Red River in Austin, Texas. The Sidewinder, which is now closed, was where they had their very first date! This Red River engagement shoot was so much fun!

Such a romantic proposal story in Mexico

During this Red River engagement shoot, I got to hear more about the proposal. Alison and Ben love to travel, so Ben used their most recent international adventure as his opportunity to propose. They first went to Oaxaca, Mexico in February with some family. But after several days of sightseeing, they went to Monte Alba, a historic archeological site in the mountains of Oaxaca. With a breathtaking view of the city and surrounding mountains, Ben got down on one knee and asked Alison to marry him. While shooting this Red River engagement shoot, I felt so overwhelmed with emotion listening to their proposal story.

A beautiful love story and a lasting friendship

One thing I really loved about this couple was watching their close friendship and companionship during this Red River engagement shoot. It was clear to see that they really enjoy each other and love being together. Immediately after they returned from their engagement trip to Mexico, the pandemic hit and they had to adjust to a new normal together. While shooting their engagement photos, I asked what they’re most looking forward to about their wedding day and I loved Alison’s response. She said that “after months of social distancing and sheltering in place, seeing and celebrating with our closest friends and family members is what we look forward to most.” I couldn’t agree more and I wish this beautiful couple the best in their wedding planning journey!

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