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Black Sand Beach Bridal Portraits

Captured & submitted by M. Laine Photography

When Mavaney, the model, and I planned this styled elopement, we had snow and ice caves in mind. The Big Four Ice Caves to be specific. Neither of us had visited them, but we agreed it would be the perfect place for our shoot.

Nature had other plans, however. After waiting months for this shoot to happen, an avalanche took out part of the trail a week prior to our shoot and closed the trail. I messaged Mavaney and we scrambled to find a new location that would fit our vision of easy elegance. We landed on a beach in the Olympic National Park.

The black sand provided a beautiful contrast against Mavaney’s blush dress, and the gusty wind made us thankful we went with an updo. Despite our last minute and wildly different location change we couldn’t have asked for a better shoot!

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