Lauren and David: Wedding at Seasons Catering

Captured & submitted by Enchanted Celebrations

Congratulations to Lauren and David on their wedding! This cute couple tied the knot on April 0th, 2021 at Seasons Catering. Our top wedding photographers in North Jersey had a blast capturing their wedding.

First, the day began with prep. Lauren began her morning by having her hair and makeup done. When that was finished, she decided to pop open a bottle of champagne with her bridesmaids. They clinked their glasses together as they celebrated Lauren’s special day! When they were finished, it was time for Lauren to put on her dress. Her bridesmaids helped to button Lauren into her lace, form fitting ballgown. When she was ready, she headed outside to present herself to David for the first time. We are so glad that our top wedding photographers in North Jersey captured this moment.

Next, it was time for the ceremony. Lauren walked down the aisle and met David at the altar. The lovestruck couple exchanged their vows and were finally pronounced husband and wife! David gave Lauren a big kiss before the couple headed back up the aisle to their reception. Their guests celebrated from their seats as the couple walked out.

Finally, it was time for the reception. The night began with Lauren and David sharing their first dance together as newlyweds. They swayed around the dancefloor sweetly. When they were finished, it was time for guests to share toasts. Loved ones shared their well wishes for the couple and their lives together. When they were finished, everyone gathered on the dancefloor. The rest of the night was spent dancing and celebrating. What a night!

Congratulations again to Lauren and David on their wedding!

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