Downtown Wedding in Central Pennsylvania

Captured & submitted by Nhi Thai Photography

You know it’s the real deal when you get legally married right as the pandemic hits, plan the actual wedding celebration, and choose to go through with it all after a year+ in quarantine.

The stars aligned for these two to meet and fall in love despite being born and raised oceans apart. Luca’s family resides in Italy and couldn’t physically be present for their son’s wedding. But this wedding truly was all about family. It began with thoughtful details, particularly the charms on Madison’s shoes to honor her late father. “Walk with me today Dad”. Her uncles, her paternal figures, walked her down the aisle. Madison read her vows in Italian because her promises weren’t simply meant for her husband alone; she also wants her in-laws to understand her love and respect for Luca. These two balanced laughter and sweet gestures so well. I audibly awwwed and giggled while they were exchanging vows.

And the wedding cake was created by Madison’s uncle, an executive pastry chef at Priory Fine Pastries. I love the elegant design and the incorporation of fresh peonies. It honestly looks too elegant to devour. Madison’s aunt was in charge of the cookie table and drools galore! The peach cookies look marvelous; I swear my camera was watering! haha.

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