A Postponed Reveal

Captured & submitted by Apaige Photography

I met Amber and Lindsey in 2019 during their engagement sessions in Detroit. We got ready for their wedding for June of 2020, but as we ALL know a big event happened that pushed a lot of our weddings to later dates. Amber and Lindsey decided to still get married but privately in Lindsey’s parents backyard among their close family. They sent me the google drive to their photos, videos, ceremony and big events and live streamed it for other people to watch. It was so stinkin’ beautiful and ended up being perfect for them. With the extra money they decided to buy a house! And to be honest, many of my people chose this route, which is a great way to utilize the situation we were all in.

Because they had bought these gowns and never got to wear them, they contacted me about changing their wedding coverage to a shoot, first look, vow renewal and some family photographs for this June. Obviously, I was dying to do this, and was so happy that I got to see them again!

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