Colorful Spring Wedding

Captured & submitted by Photography by Michelle

Kaylee and Kyle met the first week of freshman orientation at Cumberland University, in August 2013. Kyle was at Cumberland on a baseball scholarship. Kaylee was there for the nursing program and was offered a cheer scholarship. During freshman orientation they were in the quad in small groups, and happened to be put in the same group. According to Kyle, he was standing there waiting for the game to start and was wearing an Atlanta Braves hat. He says she walked straight up to him, grabbed his hat, shook it a little and said, “We can be friends, you have a good taste in teams!” AND WALKED OFF. Kaylee says that’s not something out of the ordinary for her, and she vaguely remembers doing this but Kyle remembers it distinctly!

The sweetest part of that situation is that Kyle says he knew in that moment that I was the one for him.

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