Classic Fall Wedding

Captured & submitted by Photography by Michelle

Katelyn and Mitchell met in college at Cumberland University, in their junior year in 2015. Katelyn started at CU in 2013 right out of high school on a softball scholarship and Mitchell transferred to Cumberland in 2015 from Indian Hills to play baseball. They were in the same psychology class their first semester of 2015 but Mitchell never really said much. The first conversation they ever had was in a skit they had to perform in class, oddly enough, they had to play a MARRIED couple in a domestic dispute and he had to scream at her in the front of the whole class! When the class was over, they continued talking and hanging out as friends. During the next two years they talked a lot and would hang out, but never dated while they were in college. Graduation day had come, and Mitchell was packing to head back home to Colorado. They decided to continue their friendship until they could both figured out their next steps. They continued to talk occasionally after he left, but it wasn’t the same. Throughout their time in college Katelyn never asked herself if Mitchell was “the one.” Mitchell had moved back to Colorado and was getting ready to focus on summer baseball one last time. Three weeks after graduation, Mitchell called Katelyn. She may have never asked if he was “the one,” but he knew.

Groomsman Attire: Street Tuxedo//Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie//Reception Venue: Grace Valley Farm//Photographer:Photography by Michelle//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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