Moab Canyon Engagement

Captured & submitted by Joshua & Inez Photography

Joshua and I were out hiking and found this amazing little canyon that looked like it was from a dream. I knew I had to shoot something here so future clients could envision their elopements coming to life here.  I started searching for models and Madelyn and Jonah really stood out. Their chemistry together was great and they were just as mesmerized be the beauty of the location as we were.

Joshua and I can’t wait to work more in this little spot.

“Jonah and I drove 7+ hours round trip during finals week to do this spontaneous photoshoot. Jonah took one of his finals in a McDonalds parking lot too.” -Madelyn

“We had a moment in a fairy tale” -Madelyn

Photographer: Joshua & Inez Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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