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A Memorable Ceremony in the Smoky Mountains

Captured by Sundance Photography
Submitted by Simply Eloped

From the bride:

“We met in middle school and went to school all through high school but didn’t speak once he left for the marines and he got back about 3 years ago. He added me on Snapchat right at a year ago and asked me on a date to catch up we hit it off.. 8 months later In January he proposed, and we got married almost a month ago! Today is actually our one year anniversary since we started dating.

We chose Gatlinburg because of the Smokey mountains and I love it there, he had never been so he was excited to see it!

We had plans for a traditional wedding (11/28/21 was original wedding date) but it got so so stressful and needed time to plan it and I didn’t want the stress and we were so ready to just be married we didn’t see the point in waiting so eloping was the best option in my opinion. We felt traditional weddings weren’t focused and as intimate on the couple and eloping would be more private, intimate and memorable and we wouldn’t change a thing looking back!”

Event Venue: Great Smoky Mountains National Park//Makeup Artist: Pink Chique//Photographer: Sundance Photography//Event Planner: Simply Eloped//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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