Focusing on Their Love: Intimate NYC Elopement

Captured by Marta Zapardiel Photography
Submitted by Simply Eloped

From the Happy Couple


Scrolling through OKCupid one morning I came across an attractive profile picture, an intriguing bio, and a paired match rate of 88%. I initially thought “I don’t seem like her type” and seconds later I thought “But why not just send her a message and see where this goes”. I didn’t want to be basic and just write “hey” so I thought of something that would initially start the conversation off to hopefully a good start. I sent the message and then waited for what seemed like hours for her to respond back. When I received her first reply I was excited and nervous to even look at it, but once I opened it I was very relieved because there were no grammatical errors or misspelled words, and excited to see where this conversation would lead us. Once we started messaging each other backand forth online it seemed so easy to have conversations, and everything just seemed to flow. My first impression of Amber was “Wow she is fine, intelligent, and a down to earth person”. She seemed like she was a very goal oriented person, with a great education and a bubbly and humble spirit. I honestly felt like meeting someone like Amber was just too good to be true just in those very short moments of talking with her. When Amber told me that she would be driving down to NC from DC to visit her best friend for the weekend, I was so excited to finally meet her in person. The entire afternoon before our date I was in the mirror picking out the perfect outfit, how I wanted to wear my hair, and the right amount of make-up. For some reason this date had me very nervous, anxious, and I just wanted everything to be perfect. I met Amber at her friend’s home, and when she walked out the door I thought to myself “Dang she is even sexier in person”. My heart started beating very fast and I was definitely nervous. She walked over to my car and we greeted each other with a smile and hug. Amber drove us to Olive Garden for a lunch date. During the car ride we exchanged small talk while trying to get over the nervousness. Lunch was great, we got to know each other better and I started feeling more relaxed and comfortable. After lunch we did not want the date to end, so Amber suggested going to Petrah Hookah Lounge. We had a drink, hookah, and more conversation. The night was still young and after that we headed to Jake’s Billiards for appetizers. The date started in the late afternoon and ended around 12am after much conversation and getting to know each other a lot better. We both left that night thinking “Wow it seems like I’ve known you for years. On my drive home I just kept thinking “this is too good to be true”.

Initially we were undecided whether to continue to plan an intimate ceremony in Puerto Rico with a small number of our family and friends or to have a simple ceremony between ourselves followed by a celebration ceremony in the following year. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic and we were saddened by the thought of delaying our special day because of the social restrictions. That is when we decided- COVID 19 could not quarantine our love! Now more than ever, we realized how life as we know it can change quickly and we did not want to waste time trying to schedule our day around the unforeseen future but rather seize the moment to plan a ceremony that would allow us to take a moment to cherish our journey together, focusing solely on the vows shared between the two of us in the midst of an unpredictable world. After researching ways to elope in New York City, we stumbled upon Simply Eloped and could not have made a better decision! Simply Eloped helped make our special day a moment we will never forget! From our initial inquiry email to the day of the ceremony, the Simply Eloped team supported us every step of the way and made the process to plan our special day seamless.


One snowy morning in DC a message popped up on my phone from OKCupid and I thought “ugh” another “hey beautiful” message-ignore! But something sparked my curiosity when this beautiful profile picture popped up from Whit08 asking me “Hi how are you- I see you are in the medical profession, I am too!” Intrigued by her message and that she actually read my profile- I messaged her back with a smile and from that day on my entire world changed for the better- even more than I could have ever imagined. My first impression of Whitney was that she was extremely beautiful, intelligent, goal oriented and kind hearted. She was this unique mix between free spirited and classy- she definitely stole my heart with her southern charm! I was headed down to NC to visit my best friend who lived in Greensboro so Whitney and I planned to meet each other in person that weekend. After asking where her favorite restaurant was- I planned for us to grab an early dinner to chat and get to know each other more. When I walked down the stairs to finally meet her- I couldn’t help but think my goodness she is even more gorgeous in person. I was also happy she wasn’t a catfish! lol. Our first date went from an “early dinner” to an all night event- it was like I knew her for years. We left dinner to head to a local bar where we laughed and talked for hours. Trying to be mindful of the time and her drive home- we ended our date that lasted from 5pm to almost midnight! From there I knew- I never wanted to go a day without being in this woman’s presence – the feeling was indescribable.


Other Location: Prospect Park//Officiant: Sarah Ritchie Weddings//Event Planner: Simply Eloped//Photographer: Marta Zapardiel Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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