Intimate wedding at Fairmont Copley Hotel

Captured & submitted by Nicole Chan Photography

Florence and Quan said tied the knot last October 3, 2020 at Fairmont Copley Hotel at Boston. They described their wedding in three words as “Love. Family. Unpretentious.”

What makes Quan special/different?

“This is the first time that both of us have ever dated an Asian person. Quan’s first wife was caucasian. So easy. Felt right. just knew that they wanted to spend more time together. first date was 13 hours – lunch, a drive, movie.”
They crack up because their first movie/first date, she thought she got them these great tickets. She thought she got the back row for the best view, but she got the first row. Revenant (Leo DiCaprio). Dinner afterwards. Got back to her car. It was snowing. He told her to go inside and he brushed off the car. When she first met Tyler (10 years old), he hops into his booster seat and just stares at her. Had lunch together. Quan texted her and said, “i’m so happy.”

Describe the moment when you realized you had found the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.

“Well, we met later in life (not too late!) and are getting married in our 40s. I think our first date was a good indication of wanting to be together. What was supposed to be a lunch date, ended up being a 13 hour date. After lunch we still wanted to spend time together and ended up going to the movies (Inception as a first date movie – can you believe it??? To boot, I ended up buying front row tickets by mistake).”

“We also ended up having dinner and just talking until 1 am. If you were to ask Quan, I think he had an idea at 3 months when he introduced me to his son Tyler who was 10 at the time. For me, I think it just naturally came to be. I was always someone who thought that they would never get married. Independence was everything. Suddenly, I found myself saying “we” instead of “I”. Vacations turned into family vacations. This has all been so effortless and so full of happiness…so many wonderful things that I had never anticipated before meeting Quan.”

Tell us about how you two are unique, all-around awesome, and why you two work so well together!

“We balance each other out. We are not opposites, we are more alike than not, but we are different people and we level each other out. We also say that we have a good balance of being serious and joking around. At the end, we like each other, we respect each other, and most of all we love each other.”

Second Shooter: Nicole Chan Photography//Event Venue:Fairmont Copley Plaza//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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