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Great Gifts Come in Small Packages: Manassas Olive Oil Company Wedding Favors

By Dominique McIndoe

Manassas Olive Oil Company has been a family-owned business and a staple in the Manassas community since 2015. They serve some of the finest, freshest and tastiest extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars that could touch human taste buds. The company’s olive oils and vinegars come as far as Spain, Italy and Chile. Their helpful staff is always ready and on hand to educate customers on different olive oils and vinegars, provide recipes for use on salads and meats, and share their passion of the origin and production practices for these soft commodities.

In addition to being every health-conscious grocery shopper’s dream, Manassas Olive Oil Company also has their hand in the wedding industry. Brides and Weddings is here to give brides (and grooms) to be the inside scoop on how to spice up your nuptials—literally!

What better way to show appreciation and thanks to those who’ve taken the time to attend your wedding and celebrate your new union? Manassas Olive Oil Company has just the unique, thoughtful and useful idea to make ceremonies more memorable long after they’ve taken place: beautiful wedding favors.

Gift 60mL glass bottles of oil or vinegar to your wedding guests; their entire collection of over 40 flavors is for the choosing. Give the smooth white truffle olive oil, the citrusy Persian lime olive oil, or the mild Arbequina extra virgin olive oil. For those in the mood to gift the balsamic vinegars instead, choose the sweet and tart raspberry balsamic vinegar, the zesty Neapolitan herb vinegar, or the spicy honey ginger vinegar.

These 60mL bottles are the perfect gift size for your loved ones. Each bottle is hand filled, and according to store manager Emily Thomson, “they’re appealing to people because they’re different and they’re healthy.”

Customize the labels on the bottles with names, dates, images, or personalized messages. Customers even have the option to pair flavors (or just buy them in singles) when multiple bottles are purchased. There’s a special discount for bulk purchase, and military veterans and first responders get an additional discount. Favors are discounted based on the total amount of bottles bought. The prices are affordable and the more you purchase, the greater discount you receive.

What’s great about these neat wedding flavors is that they can be used as elegant presents not only for weddings but for bridal showers, wedding rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, graduations, family reunions, and birthday parties.

The 60mL bottle isn’t necessarily a recent addition to the Manassas Olive Oil Company selection. They’ve had this little hidden gem as an open secret for quite a bit, but they’d like to get the message out to all Brides and Weddings readers that their high-quality oils and vinegars are gifts that can make a tasteful and lasting impression and satisfy all of your ceremony needs.

For queries on the 60mL bottle wedding favors, customization, or pricing, contact Emily Thomson at 703-543-9206 or at, or visit their website at

Dominique McIndoe ( is an assistant production editor at Rowman & Littlefield, a lover of weddings and a longtime writer.

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