Sunset Beach Engagement Shoot

Captured & submitted by Limelight Photography

Eva and Tom met while working at the same ICU in Harlem, NY. Tom is originally from Alabama, and Eva is from right here locally in Tarpon Springs. She lives just moments from Craig Park and Sunset Beach, so these were PERFECT locations for their engagement session.

Together they enjoy walking, reading and taking their dogs on walks. I also just have to mention that Eva is Greek and this is another reason Tarpon Springs was so perfect for their session! Their wedding ceremony will be at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church – which is where Michael and I were married ourselves! We just really loved working with this sweet couple!

Tom is currently living in Texas on a COVI-19 contract, so we had a very limited window to schedule our session. It started to rain the afternoon of our session, but thankfully it blew over and left behind some super fluffy clouds. The most amazing part is that we had beautiful diffused light throughout the session.

Because of the extreme cloud coverage, I did not think we would see an actual sunset. This was kind of disappointing because in all of Tom’s visit to see see Eva here in Florida he has never experienced a sunset like we are famous for! Every time it was either overcast and too cloudy to see the sun, or NO clouds at all and just a big blu plain sky. Well….the last 5 minutes of our session the clouds parted and the sun came out shining a brilliant orange as it set over the Gulf of Mexico! It was brilliant and beautiful and the PERFECT end to our time together!

Congratulations Tom and Eva!

Other Location:Craig Park//Other Location: Sunset Beach//Ring Designer:Dimend Scassi//Photographer: Limelight Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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