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Top of the Rock Observation Deck Elopement

Captured by Laura Diliberto Photography
Submitted by Simply Eloped

Jane and Bret met online, after talking online for a while they met in person on 7/21/18. It’s a special day when you meet the love of your life, so of course they wanted to be married on 7/21.

“Year didn’t matter but the date did.” -Jane

They already had a trip to New York planned so they decided it would be perfect to also get married! They changed their plans from eloping at the court house to Top of the Rock Observation Deck for something more memorable and fun for their families.

“We love the big city feel so Top of the Rock was a great location.” -Jane

Surrounding by incredible views and family, it was a perfectly intimate ceremony.


Other Location: Top of the rock//Officiant: Sarah Ritchie Weddings//Event Planner: Simply Eloped//Photographer: Laura Diliberto Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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