Medieval Inspired Wedding

Game of Thrones (GOT) Inspired Wedding Styled Shoot

Captured by Silver Bear Creative
Submitted by Marion Matrimony Events

This was a collaboration between myself and a French inspired estate venue in Dripping Springs, TX. They wanted to feature something creative with a unique couple and reached out to me because this is the clientele we cater to in their area! I love playing with aesthetic people may not consider in wedding design and featuring real couples that break the “model” mold so that everyone can see themselves in our work. I love Game of Thrones and anything with an old world feel so I put together this Game of Thrones (GOT) inspired vision. I did not want it to be somber or cliche, just inspired by the dark elements, the gothic elegance, and the regal nature of the show. We used colors that would be bold and vibrant and featured a biracial couple from right here in Texas. For floral, we wanted organic shapes and lots of moss to give a sort of living, growing look to all of the designs. The colors were to be “as red as blood and as dark as night” as I pitched it to the venue. We used textures like velvet and fur to add to the depth of the details. I created a tea-stained look for the stationary to include wax seals and vintage accent pieces. The bride wore a gothic gold crown and a black dress to elevate the look and match her partner in his all black suit. We had such a blast designing this and hope you and your viewers love it as much as we do!


Beauty: Silk + Glow//Officiant: Running Reverend//Floral Designer: Marion Matrimony Events//Calligrapher: Marion Matrimony Events//Invitation Designer: Marion Matrimony Events//Design and Decor: Marion Matrimony Events//Reception Venue: Ma Maison Wedding + Event Venue//Bakery: Sweet Dey Cakes//Event Planner: Marion Matrimony Events//Photographer:Silver Bear Creative//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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