Adriatica Village: Wedding Memories Captured

Captured & submitted by YaYa Photography LLC

This is my beautiful Sister, Yaritza and her hubby Jay who will celebrate 20 years of marriage coming this November. They never got the opportunity to have engagement session or a wedding.

You see they both met at our high school, Jay my class grade and well my little sis, a year younger. They both joined the Navy same year only to find out that they were about to have separate duty station (different location). In order to stop that, they eloped. Awww young love! Years passed with three beautiful children, work, school, etc. I knew that they wanted one and have talked about renewing vows and have a small wedding. So I felt in my heart to give this gift to her cause they both means so much to me. I love my little sis and am so grateful to capture 20 years of dedication and continued strong love and admiration to each other.

It is never too late to have your moments captured because when you do, you see the beautiful journey of life together. Embracing oneself, who you are, is what emphasizes your love for one another and the light you bring to one another.


Location: Adriatica Village//Photographer: YaYa Photography LLC//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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