What’s New, What to Do Before and After a Wedding Show

Wedding shows are back! So many weddings were put on hold last year. As a wedding vendor, you want to make the best impression with potential clients and do everything you can to get business booming again. Even if business is good now, if you aren’t marketing because you are so busy, you aren’t filling your pipeline. So how do you catch the attention of engaged couples as they restart planning the big day? 

One answer is wedding shows. Today, we’re sharing a few tips for what to do before and after to maximize your investment.

Advertise and promote the wedding show.

As a vendor, you should never pass on an opportunity to market yourself before a major event. Whether you communicate with engaged couples via email, snail mail, social media, or phone, it’s smart to use all available communication to promote your involvement in an upcoming wedding show. Additionally, you likely have brand followers who have been waiting for a chance to see your products in person.

For social and email, learn the show’s hashtags and use social media tags or hotlink the venue, the show, and some of your vendor friends that also are attending the show. If you have a hashtag, use it. Be sure to include all of the essential information – particularly the date and location of the show, the products you’re showcasing, and any giveaways or special deals they may qualify for by attending.

Email Brides & Weddings at info@bridesandweddings.com the show details and what booth you will be at to help us promote you. Tag us on any social as well. 

Give your wedding show booth a unique design.

At a wedding show, your brand is competing with dozens of vendors for attendees’ attention. So your booth needs a unique look to stand out. If your business is on the creative end, you may be able to handle this on your own. But if not, consider the help of an experienced professional; many expo/trade show design companies can help you create an immersive experience to help your brand stand out. After a year of zooms, couples will want some real-life interaction. Using photos, signage, furniture, and other elements will make people comfortable and create a unique setting. Create an inviting, informal booth that encourages couples to stop and look through your portfolio, samples, swatches, or whatever you may be selling.

Take advantage of QR Codes – use them in your signage to help people book appointments, enter contests, and giveaways will help you capture information and be pandemic sensitive.

Prepare everything in the days leading up to the wedding show.

The key to making the most of your time at a wedding show is preparation. We can’t stress this point enough. Several days leading up to the show, make sure every aspect of your presentation is in order. This includes the booth, products, signage, business cards, food, or anything else you intend to offer potential clients. Also, don’t wait until the last minute! If you wait until the day before or the day of the show to take care of any loose ends, this will only add unnecessary pressure to the process of setting up and presenting.

Use this time to perfect a solid sales pitch in the days leading up to the wedding show. When someone steps into your booth, you want to clearly articulate what you do and what is unique about you. 

Wedding shows are all about giveaways. Utilize them.

Wedding show giveaways entice couples to interact with you and make your booth more engaging. Additionally, they provide you a platform to show off your brand in a creative way. Finally, you leave a stronger impression on potential clients if you give them something to take home.

Depending on your business, you may also want to give visitors branded samples of your product – giving them a hands-on experience with what you’re offering them. If they like what they see, they’re far more likely to take the trouble of reaching back to you with the information you’ve provided them. It’s also worth noting that doing a raffle that requires the submission of contact information is a great way to leave the wedding show with new leads.

Wedding shows are a great source of lead generation if you do it right. 

Bottom line, the reason we go to wedding expos is to get leads. But to get those leads, you can’t just show up. Wedding shows are a terrific avenue for making new contacts and growing your business. That means flexing your people skills a bit further than you might be used to – even if you’re already personable. Engaging with visitors by asking questions and connecting will gain more results than sitting and scrolling through your phone. Why spend the money if you aren’t going to socialize? 

Wedding shows are a crucial source of information. Follow up on it.

The most successful wedding vendors prioritize collecting as many contacts as possible and following up with the connections shortly after. One of the best, non-invasive ways is to do a raffle or giveaway to entice potential clients to share their information. Offering a discount on goods/services is also a powerful incentive for potential clients who may be hesitant to provide this data. Work up an email drip campaign to follow up on those who visited your booth and one for those who did not obtain from the show. 

But apart from clients, wedding shows are also a great place to expand your network with other vendors. More often than not, you’ll meet wedding vendors who can provide referrals for your business and vice versa. Shared leads are one of the most significant benefits of having a sizable network within the industry.

Remember: Strike while the iron is hot. Follow up with leads and new industry connections within a week or two to continue cultivating the relationship. 

Showcasing your brand at a show gives you a unique opportunity to cultivate new relationships, find clients, and build your network. Make wedding shows a focus in your marketing strategy, and you can’t go wrong. 

For more information on upcoming wedding shows in your area, check out our events page. For help with your marketing and branding, contact our publisher Rebecca Barnes at rebeccabarnesmedia.com or email rebecca@bridesandweddings.com

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