Intimate Forest Wedding

Captured & submitted by Aliscia Marie Photography, LLC

This Northern Michigan wedding in the forest was so incredibly perfect. Carl and Kristen couldn’t have had better weather, and a better day with their immediate family. Every detail was planned, everything had a purpose. They were so intentional with how they spent their day.

Carl and Kristen wanted nothing more than their wedding day to reflect their love and relationship with their family, and also God. It was an amazingly chill, laid-back morning that allowed everyone to take it every moment. And to set focus as to why we were all present.

Kristen and Carl had dated years ago in college. And then life had different plans for a little while. Carl applied for and went to PA school, and Kristen lived in Mexico for 3 years working as a teacher. When she returned to the states to begin the next chapter of her life, God brought them back into each other lives, and the rest is history.

Their day started with getting ready in Kristen’s childhood home, they were married in the woods on her parents’ property, and they spent the rest of the evening playing lawn games and eating great food with their families.

I seriously can’t wait to see what God does with these two.


Photographer: Aliscia Marie Photography, LLC//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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