Haunted Mansion Wedding

Captured & submitted by Jenina Simplicio Photography

Spooky season is upon us and I am so excited to share this Disney Haunted Mansion themed wedding held at the Heritage Square Museum. This was a highly anticipated wedding for me, not only because of the unique theme, but also because my own wedding was at Heritage Square Museum. The museum is a special place with historical, vintage homes on display moved from all over Los Angeles, some of which are rumored to be haunted! The venue even provides docent led haunted tours for guests to enjoy during cocktail hour.

The bride, Danielle, and groom, Mark both share a love for the darker side of life, vintage, Disney, and their three snuggly dogs. The museum perfectly fit the unique aesthetic that Danielle and Mark wanted for their Haunted Mansion wedding. The couple’s love for all things vintage was matched by Oh So Pretty Vintage who provided planning and decor for the event. Their pups were in attendance for their parents nuptials and even got all dressed up to help Danielle down the aisle. This was my first wedding where pets were in attendance as honored guests!

The bridal suite at Heritage Square is located inside the “Valley Knudsen House.” Within this original Victorian home, Wonder Mel Beauty expertly applied the bride’s purple and black eyeshadow. Danielle waited to meet her groom holding her broach bouquet filled with a collection of Haunted Mansion and other Disney memorabilia.

Oh So Pretty Vintage provided the spooky details for the reception, including skulls, candelabras, and damask tablecloths, making the Haunted Mansion theme complete. Cher the Experience produced a cake donning a black top hat which can be seen inside the ride worn by the Hatbox Ghost. After the sun went down, guests ate under bistro lighting, next to a luminary lined street path. This completed the aesthetic desired by Danielle and Mark for an eerie but whimsical ambiance for the night, and their pups enjoyed a trot across the dance floor.


Event Venue: Heritage Square Museum//Photographer: Jenina Simplicio Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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