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Kiana and Jeremy’s Wedding

Captured & submitted by Donnell Perry Photography

First dance song:

Daniel Caesar “Best Part”


Gaylord Opryland Resort/ Gaylord Springs Golf links & Clubhouse

Please share your engagement story and how you met?

It all started on December 1st when Kiana was a board on Instagram and stumbled upon a post from a friend’s page. It was a fake dating profile for an eligible bachelor named Jeremy Brown. It was meant to be a joke/prank by one of his cousins that just so happened to be following Kiana. Kiana liked what she saw and on a whim liked the post and followed Jeremy. Jeremy immediately followed her back and didn’t lose any time sliding in her DMs. They immediately hit it off and after daily texting and video chatting, Jeremy bought a plane ticket to meet her in person. When he stepped off the airplane and walked down to meet her in the airport, it was very literally loved at first sight, and without saying a word, they shared their first kiss.

After 2 years of dating, Jeremy knew it was time to take their love to the next level. He surprised Kiana by visiting her on her family vacation. He had planned a romantic beach picnic and ask Kiana to be ready to be picked up for her date. Before she could even step onto the beach, she was surprised by Jeremy handing her a bandana to cover her eyes for a big surprise. Taking the blindfold off, She found herself led to a heart-shaped bed of rose petals on the smooth sand. Finally, standing in the middle of the heart, Jeremy knelt down and asked Kiana to be his wife.

Where was your first date? What did you do?

Driving up the mountains around Lake Arrowhead was nothing short of magical. Not only could one see a beautiful panoramic of the city below, but also the parachutes of skydivers who bravely descended over the mountain. Kiana took Jeremy to the famous Belgium Waffle Works on the lake, after which, they sat in their car on a nearby look-out stop to watch the mountain view, panoramic sunset.

How about your wedding shoes and jewelry?

My amazing father took me to Saks Fifth Avenue and bought me a pair of sparkly Christian Louis Vuitton shoes!

Describe your wedding dress style?

I would describe my wedding style as a mixture of elegance and an ethereal aesthetic. My dress is both flowy

Tell us about his groomsmen?

Jeremy was blessed to be surrounded by an amazing group of groomsmen. Some of his groomsmen had been with him through the grueling years of medical school, others he grew up with since a kid, and some were close friends that he had gained throughout the years of dating Kiana. Jeremy’s best man, Nelson, had grown up with him since a kid, and their families were very close.

Tell us about your bridesmaids?

Kiana’s bride-tribe was composed of her forever friends that she has had since childhood and college years. Her sister, Kayla, was her Matron of Honor.

Tell us about your flowers?

My flowers were specially made by the very Marylove from Rosemary & Finch. They were made to create an ethereal ambiance in both design and color.

Was there any particular theme or style for your wedding?

The style of the wedding can be described in following:




What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

My favorite part of the wedding was actually two parts. One was walking down the aisle at the consecration ceremony and seeing Jeremy. The second was hearing Jeremy recite his handwritten vows. These were such tender moments for me. it was such a vulnerable moment and we were both giving ourselves to each other fully and completely. It was beautiful.

And your beautiful cake?

The cake was so much fun to co-design and the flavors were absolutely to die for. Our wedding specialty flavor was made to mirror both of our last names: (Berry & Brown). The flavor was chocolate chip cake with a raspberry Italian creme filling. it was amazing

How / why did you choose your ceremony venue?

The Gaylord Opryland Resort & Spa is such a spectacular place to say the least. It is gorgeous with its open ceiling and full lush gardens and waterfalls. My family and I stayed there when I was younger, and I always felt like it would be the perfect place to have a beautiful wedding. I never really thought that it would become a reality. The Gaylord Opryland can draw out a sense of adventure and curiosity, and with it’s maze like gardens, I felt like this would be the perfect place for the beginning of a true love story. It was ‘story book’ perfect!


Reception Venue: Gaylord Springs//Beauty: The Beautification Lounge//Floral Designer: Rosemary & Finch//Cinema and Video: Chaz Reid Films//Ceremony Location:Gaylord Opryland Resort//Event Planner:Elana Walker Events//Photographer: Donnell Perry Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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