Serve It Up! Is a plated meal or a buffet the best option for your reception?

By Lisa Beth Miller

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Presentation is literally everything when planning the amazing celebratory feast you will share with your beloved wedding guests. Couples need to select the perfect balance of foods to include on the menu, and they also need to ponder exactly how those delicious delicacies will be presented.

The two most obvious options are a plated meal or a buffet-style meal.

A plated meal allows guests to simply find their seat at a table and await their meal. The courses are plated in the kitchen, then delivered to each table. The service is usually very organized and efficient (assuming the guests are seated correctly).

To ensure that everyone is eating their food at the correct temperature and at the same time as everyone else, servers coordinate their efforts in timing the meal delivery perfectly.

“One reason that couples choose a plated meal is that there is control over the quality and presentation of the food and uniformity in the service,” said Kat Hozik of Catering by Uptown.

“Some current entree trends for plated meals include crab cake and filet mignon, grilled salmon and chicken marsala or chicken parmigiana,” added Hozik.

Buffet service is often perceived as being a more casual option, but in many cases, this is actually untrue. Offering an elegant selection of menu items in this format allows guests to truly customize their meal to their own personal tastes.

Buffets can be organized to be a seamless experience for guests. Servers can assist with each dish, allowing guests to spend a minimal amount of time in line and more time relaxing and socializing!

“One reason to opt for a buffet is it makes it easy for guests to select foods they love and avoid ones they don’t love,” said Hozik. “Honestly, our servers at Catering by Uptown do an amazing job with creating a fabulous and fun buffet experience,” she added.

As an all-inclusive venue, Uptown designs events based on the number of guests, the overall vibe of the event, and the personalized food choices. Clients know they will get absolutely everything they need at one cost- the amazing meal, the elegant cocktail hour, and decadent desserts.

Regardless of which dinner service option (plated or buffet) they choose, couples can create an amazing dining experience for guests. “This is absolutely true. Just be sure to work with an experienced caterer who provides great service and quality,” said Hozik.

Ready to plan your event with the experts at Uptown? In addition to phone consultations, they currently also offering virtual tours to help clients experience their amazing venues.

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