Prepping the Perfect Dressing Room

By Lisa Beth Miller

Some of the most amazing girl-bonding memories (and pictures) are created while getting ready on the day of the wedding. Many brides arrange to have their hair and makeup done with the bridesmaids in a common location. If this is your plan, be sure the room is prepped properly so that this fabulous beauty-fest is everything you’ve dreamed.

Hairstylists and makeup artists will do their best work if they are in a room with good lighting- preferably natural light. There should be an abundance of mirrors, including full length, magnifying, and standard makeup mirrors.

If the beautifying is taking place in a hotel or at a venue, request bar stools for your girls to perch upon while they are being made over. Also, be sure there is ample table space for your beauty squad members to lay out their tools, products, and makeup.

Double check with hairstylists regarding the condition everyone’s hair should be in when they arrive. Some may prefer damp, washed hair, others want hair dried and ready to style. Some stylists even request unwashed hair because it is easier to manage when creating intricate updos. Makeup artists usually want girls to arrive with clean, moisturized faces.

Be careful with wardrobe choices for this session as well. Many brides purchase matching robes for the bridesmaids because…well- its adorable in pictures. But also because it helps everyone avoid the issue of messing up their fresh updo by pulling a tight-necked top over it! If you just aren’t feeling the identical robes idea, just tell your girls to show up in button down shirts or zip-up hoodies. Problem solved!

Other items to have on hand in the dressing area? A steamer (or an iron and ironing board), a sewing kit, Shout wipes (just in case!), and some relaxing music are all must-haves. Be sure to double-check with your seamstress or dress shop regarding which dress fabrics may be safely steamed or ironed. Nobody wants a last-minute dress disaster, right?

Of course, you should also provide some light snacks for everyone to nibble on. Think mimosas, fruit platters, cheese and crackers.

The final piece of advice is to be sure that your beauty professionals are aware of the timeline. It is critically important to be sure that everyone is ready in time for pictures and transport to the wedding ceremony. Pro tip: schedule your own hair and makeup in the middle of the other sessions. You want to look as fresh as possible, but you do not want to go last (when the beauty pros might be feeling rushed).

Now smile, and enjoy your beautiful day!

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