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The Anderson’s Winter Micro Wedding

Captured & submitted by TLC Photography

Jett met Sean in March 2020, just before the pandemic hit the United States. Because it was not exactly safe to date more than one person during a pandemic, they had to decide right then and there how they felt about each other. They chose to be in each other’s quarantine bubble and things got serious fast.

By last October, they were engaged and planned to get married in December.

Sometimes when you know, you know.

Jett and Sean’s micro wedding at Berry Springs Park was intimate, intentional, and emotional.

Their families rallied around them in an incredible way and organized one of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve ever seen.

Intricate flower arrangements, family heirlooms, tablecloths, and ribbon for days—All DIYed by their family members. Some of my favorite details: The glasses they toasted with were the original glasses Sean’s grandparents used at their wedding. I also loved their gingerbread adorned cake and Sean’s white pantsuit.

But it wasn’t just the cool gifts or the decor that made the Anderson wedding unique. It was the care that went into every moment. The commitment to social distancing and masks to ensure the more vulnerable guests felt safe in attendance. The tears shed during their vows. The heartfelt toasts and prayers from everyone in attendance.

When we say, “Love isn’t canceled” during COVID, this is what we mean. This is what it looks like.


Other Location:Berry Springs Park and Preserve//Photographer: TLC Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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