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A Fresh Take On a Sweet Tradition

By Lisa Beth Miller

Sponsored by Cakes by Happy Eatery

The wedding cake is an incredibly important part of a couple’s celebration. In addition to providing a sweet finish to the reception meal, it also adds a beautiful visual display for guests to admire. Traditionally, the delicious treat is not only enjoyed at the wedding, but the top tier is often saved and frozen for the couple to enjoy on their first anniversary. We talked to Victoria Wu, general manager of Cakes by Happy Eatery, about the evolution of this tradition.

“Many of the modern wedding traditions are attributed from the Victorian era, the period when Queen Victoria reigned. When Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, she wore a non-traditional color for a wedding dress – white – and had an extremely tall and oversized, tiered wedding cake.  The gigantic cake had white icing, which was uncommon since white sugar was expensive.  In addition, the cake had art pieces atop, later known as cake toppers.   The excess cake from the wedding was preserved and served at the couple’s next anticipated major celebration, their baby’s christening, which later evolved to the first anniversary cake tradition,” she explained.

Although the tradition of preserving the extra cake is both historical and sentimental, the concept does have a few flaws. “Originally, wedding cakes were preserved by ingredients that were popular at the time. In many instances this meant fruit cake soaked in a lot of alcohol. Freezers were not easily accessible before the 20th century.  With access to modern convenience, couples ensured the preservation of their top tier by freezing the cake.  We do not recommend freezing the cake. It takes precious freezer space and who wants to eat anything made a year ago?” Victoria added.

Of course, Cakes by Happy Eatery offers a fresh and modern solution to couples who still want to celebrate their first anniversary with a sweet and sentimental treat! “The bakery recommends enjoying the freshly baked and designed cake at the wedding celebration. Cut the top tier last based on servings needed.  If there is extra cake, serve it at the after party or post-wedding brunch before family and friends travel home. Tradition is important, and the bakery wants every couple to enjoy their wedding cake on their first anniversary, with a modern option.  The bakery is the trustee of the eggs, sugar, spice and everything nice.  On the first anniversary, the bakery will bake a complimentary (new and fresh!) cake for the happy couple to enjoy and celebrate.  No old cakes allowed!” said Victoria.

While couples can certainly opt to freeze and preserve their cake, fresh is always better, and Cakes by Happy Eatery can make it happen flawlessly and free of charge to their wedding cake clientele. What a sweet gesture!

Cakes by Happy Eatery is located in Manassas, Virginia.  The bakery was founded in 1984. Today, Victoria and Emily continue the family business started by their parents. The sisters create and design custom cakes and dessert bars that showcases a client’s special occasion, producing pieces of art that taste incredibly delicious. If one is craving something sweet, the bakery has a remedy. This second-generation family business continues its love of desserts galore and so much more. The bakery is open daily and always has something baking. Contact the bakery to schedule a wedding cake consultation.



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