Wickham Park Engagement

Captured & submitted by Emma Thurgood Photography

Chelsea and Byron knew right from the start that they wanted to have their engagement photos taken in a beautiful garden setting. We wanted Wickham Park in Manchester, CT.

This park is unique for containing multiple themed gardens which were going to give us a lot of variety without having to go to a variety of locations– talk about a win!

Chelsea showed up wearing a beautiful red dress with playful floral details that were going to pop in the flower gardens. Paired with Byron in a deep purple, the pair looked flawless amongst the nature-filled gardens.

The fact Chelsea and Byron were laid back and open to adventure worked in our favor the day of their session! From the moment we met there were some big, angry storm clouds brewing on what had otherwise been a hot and beautiful day. As we were exploring the park, shooting away, the wind kept picking up speed and the sky kept getting darker. I’m so grateful the conditions didn’t scare them away as overcast is perfect for creating rich hues and beautiful colors in the images.

The true test of their adventurous nature came when the session was just finishing up. Suddenly huge raindrops started to fall. They came slowly at first and then ended up in a full torrential downpour! Since we were already wet I exclaimed, ‘Get out in that field and dance like you’re in The Notebook!’. Chelsea and Byron understood the assignment and began to dance and kiss and totally nailed it! The rain photos ended up being their favorites of the session and mine, too!

The saying goes, ‘when life hands you lemons, make lemonade’ and that is what Chelsea and Byron did as the rain came down. Their adventurous spirit is going to be such a beautiful element of their life together.


Event Venue:Wickham Park//Photographer: Emma Thurgood Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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