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Redwood Forest Wedding

Captured & submitted by Here Today Photography

The trees stood tall and greeted Carly and Bryan’s closest friends and family as they assembled on the hidden redwood deck for the wedding ceremony. This particular place is sacred— it’s almost as if you can hear the trees breathing and whispering well wishes to everyone paying honor to mother nature. Carly and Bryan flew in from across the country knowing that they wanted these beautiful redwoods present during their vows.

As Carly walked up the aisle to meet Bryan, everyone was silent, completely enraptured by Carly’s big smile and Bryan’s teary eyes.

After they exchanged promises to one another, Carly and Bryan spent intentional time with each and every person in attendance, and hugs went around and around and around. The warmth on the redwood deck that day didn’t just come from the sunshine— it also came from the circle of family and friends who witnessed the special ceremony.

Thank you so much, Carly and Bryan, for allowing my cameras to join you on this special day. The respect, honesty, and adoration you hold for each other— and Mother Nature— is magic.


Groomsman Attire: Kleinfeld Epstein and Parker//Reception Venue: Hoyt Arboretum//Reception Venue: The Nightwood Society//Dress Store: the white dress//Photographer: Here Today Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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