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The Ride of a Lifetime

Rolls Limo

Wedding day transportation is a practical and necessary consideration. On this special day, everyone deserves a fabulous ride to the ceremony and reception. But the couple of the day may decide to take their personal transport to a whole new level of luxury and class. A classic Rolls Royce is the perfect choice.

Rolls Wedding Limos, LLC is a local business servicing the DC Metro area. They maintain an elegant British classic Rolls Royce Silver Spur. Their chauffeurs are formally attired and arrive on time. “We are the only limousine company in the world where you can get the President’s driver and a Rolls Royce limousine for your wedding or special occasion,” says owner John G. Bays.

“Our Rolls Royce Silver Spur cost $118,500.00 in 1985, over a third of a century ago. To make the car reliable and beautiful for you; the car was restored at a cost of $47,073.00 at a Rolls Royce dealer in Houston, Texas, in 2020. we hope you like it,” he added.

A Rolls Royce will obviously add a touch of opulence to the wedding day and provide a fabulous photo op for the happy couple. But what makes Rolls Wedding Limos stand out from other wedding transportation providers?

“Our world class Rolls Royce Silver Spur is the only one available for the use and enjoyment of the general public in our Nation’s Capital. Our specialty is weddings and other happy events. Typically, we take the bride with a family member or friend to the church and then the bride and groom to the reception with photo ops along the way,” Bays said.

To determine availability and get a free quote, go to, and fill out the reservations page. Or simply call 703-440-3651.

“We’ll respond right away with a price that is lower than what our competitors charge for an authentic, British classic car,” Bays said.

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