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Backyard Wedding in Breck

Captured & submitted by Rachael McAllister

Meet Joy and Matthew, two young and easy-going 30-year-olds that just happened to cross paths before the pandemic and fell in love. Fast forward to just days before the wedding, Matthew’s grandma passes. Yet with her final blessing, both sides of the family come together for a small and very intimate ceremony in Breckenridge Colorado. With sweeping mountain views, homemade food, a PBR Tallboy to toast to grandma and endless love poured into the couple, they got married with the sun pouring thru the windows and a glow around them. Crystal clear blue skies and Matthew’s sister who is a professional photographer capturing the most beautiful moments with honor. It was a magical day that truly reminded us all how much family matters. ps. Thanks, Yeti for the best seat in the house.


Photographer: Rachael McAllister//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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