Remote, Intimate Desert Elopement

Captured & submitted by Adventure Instead

Alyssa and Kevin didn’t have any pressure around anything whatsoever. They expect imperfections and are relaxed in their planning. They’ve seen a lot of things together, traveled a lot, and even got engaged in a caldera in Greece. Their elopement in the desert was super remote with so much privacy. They had a big, grand landscape completely to themselves. Literally hundreds of miles between amenities. They rented a camper van and brought a telescope for their special day, and even included their dog, Nova (who loved playing catch). They both got ready in their van. They did their first look in a beautiful open field, then headed to a nearby lake ad watched a flock of white pelicans land at the lake! Then we went to the Mudflats (Oregon’s Salt Flats) and had it all to ourselves. They set out a blanket for their ceremony and infused a couple traditions into their day using candles and incense while Nova had the BEST time playing around them! They watched the sunset, then went back to the mudflats for a fire and stargazing. One of those elopements that was just soul-filling!


Photographer: Adventure Instead//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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