Spontaneous Elopement

Captured & submitted by Hellen Oliveira Photography

Thais and Mark entered my elopement giveaway on Instagram and they won! The elopement giveaway included, hair and make up, photos, video, flowers, styling and decor. They both felt so special and fulfilled.

Mark is from South Georgia, from Douglas GA. He moved to Atlanta about 11 years ago to find a career after college. Thais Rodrigues is from Brasilia Brazil and moved to Atlanta about 11 years ago as well to find an opportunity. She moved to Atlanta as an Au pair, and Mark moved to Atlanta after transferring from Applebee’s in Valdosta to Applebee’s in Marietta. They met at a smoothie shop called Arden Gardens in Buckhead. Mark went to the store pretty often because he worked in the area. Mark was always interested in Thais but never found the right moment to talk to her about anything but his grand slam or smoothie ????, or the cartoon Rio. They ended up running into each other at a Social Mess party, because she was a host of the party, and he saw her picture plastered everywhere. Even after they spoke outside of the smoothie shop, he never got her number but the flirting commenced. It took until the next Social Mess party called Leprecon 2014, before he asked her on a date. They have been together ever since. It’s been 6 ½ years and Last year, they traveled to Brazil where he met Thais family for the first time. He secretly brought letters written in Portuguese to give to her parents and brothers to ask for their permission and blessing to marry her. Once he got the family on his side, he tricked Thais into thinking they were going to a dinner to meet her brother’s girlfriend. He then proposed  at a restaurant named Paris, in Brazil. They have been together through a lot of changes. Since they started dating, they have gone through all our friends being single to almost all of them being married and having children, they have bought a home together, Thais became a business owner, and they have learned to support each other. They were excited to enter the  elopement giveaway because they wanted to elope. However, they had no idea what, how, where, or when to do it. They felt like this was just the right kind of spontaneous thing they needed since all they plans had faded away. Once they found out they had won, they were both in shock. They called each other, and decided that they couldn’t decide right that moment if they would accept the gift. After about an hour they both decided it was crazy, but they wanted to do it. They were able to rearrange their schedules and pull in resources to help them make the time to get married. They flew to Vegas where they met me as their photographer and videographer and we spent the weekend getting last minute details (like shoes, jewelry, sight seeing and hanging out together). After the elopement we went out to eat and get drinks and celebrate!

Other Location:Dry Lake Bed//Shoes: Aldo//Jewelry: Swarovski Crystal//Shoes:Aston Grey//Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Express//Apparel:Macys//Dress Designer:Kitty Chen Couture//Dress Store: Bridals by Madison//Location:Caesars Palace//Floral Designer: Roots Flowers and Events//Bakery: Sons of cakery//Hair Stylist: set and fury//Event Planner: Ember and Stone Events//Photographer: Hellen Oliveira Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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