Colton and Leslie’s Country Club Wedding

Captured & submitted by The Ramseys Photography

We’re sort of obsessed with Colton and Leslie.

After talking to Leslie and Colton on the phone last year Paige told me, “We HAVE to photograph this wedding.” Leslie told me later that she put the phone on mute less than 5 minutes into the call and told Colton “This is who we’re booking.”

Sometimes you just get each other.

One of the things that is special to us about our jobs is that we get to spend the best day of your life with you. We hang out with your childhood friends, we sit next to your parents as they watch you exchange vows, we’re gonna be up in your face when it’s just the two of you for portraits and first looks, and we’ll party on the dance floor with everyone you love. So it’s important to us to find couples where we just get each other.

One of my favorite things to do is look at the time stamp on photos and see what was happening with the bride at the time I was with the groom. Leslie and Colton’s has one of the best comparisons ever. Shot gunning beers vs doing ballet, group photos in pajamas vs rolling around in the grass with dogs.

Leslie wanted to do a first look with her dad and with Colton. They happened back to back and it was fun to see the different emotions between the two.

Her first look with her dad was touching. Tears, hugs, reassurances. Her first look with Colton was laughter, jokes, hugs (and burps). It was a nice little look into how fun they are together.

I also love seeing Colton’s parents unobtrusively watching. They were both so sweet all day and were clearly thrilled for Leslie to be joining their family. As parents ourselves, our absolute favorite thing to catch at weddings is parents looking at their children with just absolute joy and love.

Leslie and Colton opted to get married at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church, where they both grew up attending.

Their reception was put on at Lakeside Country Club, complete with a live band, a sit down meal, and a streamer exit to end the night.


Other Location: Lakeside Country Club//Makeup Artist: Adorne Artistry//Floral Designer:The Senterpiece//Band:The Royal Dukes//Cake Designer: CBV Cake Design//Event Planner: The Married Co//Photographer: The Ramseys Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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