Black Tie Vow Renewal

Captured & submitted by Honeysuckle Rose Photography

When I asked a client if her and her husband would be willing to model for an upcoming shoot I was planning , I had no idea of the streak of fate and string of coincidences I had put in motion. Sharday is a  client of mine, her and her husband operate a non profit group that brings joy to children cancer patients and their families. I do their family portraits for the foundation once or twice a year. We met when she was a children event party planner and had hired me to photograph an event. She had just gave birth to her third child. She told me they lost their first child at the age of 5 from cancer.  She later turned her planning skills to honoring their daughter, throwing parties for children cancer patients and started the Forever Moriah Foundation.

My shoot had three separate themes and multiple couples.  I was hosting this luxury shoot at a friend’s home. A dream of my own, and the date was my birthday June 30! I had just shot the foundation’s annual session, She looked beautiful , he’s a fly kinda guy, they are friends and comfortable with me as their photographer. I texted her to see if her and her husband would do it. Due to Covid, I was looking for a real couple so close contact would not be an issue. She inquired what it involved. Wedding, bridal shoot, bride, groom, details, make up, Rolls Royce! and etc. Ok, she will talk to her husband.   When she responded later it floored me. The date of the shoot was very close to their 10 year anniversary. When Moriah was diagnosed with cancer they married at a JOP,  she was there. They chose to commit themselves to each other and get through it together. They planned a wedding the following year. The event was cancelled just two weeks prior to the ceremony. Moriah was too ill and hospitalized. Sharday never wore her gown, her dream wedding never took place. Almost tearfully telling me how this would really mean so much to them. I immediately called her and suggested an officiant come , they can have 15 minutes during the shoot to renew their vows. It will be great shots and have her mother bring the other children and they can participate too.

The hottest part of the day, indoors for this shoot was my plan. The space in this home was designed for entertaining. The double staircase, wall of windows, open space and artwork from the owners worldwide travels set the mood for a more modern , minimalist, luxury vibe of less is more. I envisioned this segment of the styled shoot as a black tie intimate vow renewal. Sticking to classic black, white , and gold. It blended well with the color palette of the home. A couple of weeks into the planning of my shoot she contacted me that the original date of their cancelled wedding was June 30!

Jewelry:Coronada Kingdom//Equipment Rentals:Nances Rustic Rentals & Events//Other:Hogshead Cigar Lounge//Groomsman Attire:JosA Bank//Bakery: Wholly Sweets Bake Shop//Dress Store: Ava Laurenne Bride//Photographer: Honeysuckle Rose Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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