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Intimate Church Wedding

Captured & submitted by McKinley G. Photography

This wedding will forever be known as the wedding that brought tears. At first, when I met Josh and Karlie I thought wow what an awesome couple. But what sets this couple apart from the rest of my awesome couples is the fact that they did not want a huge wedding. Just family, some friends, and a great night to share their love with one another.

Everything took place in a very small church that might not seat 100 people. Karlie and her girls got ready in the basement of the church which is very nicely lit and set up very comfortably. Josh got ready outside of the church at someone’s house locally so he arrived later. Now Josh and Karlie did something a bit different than I hadn’t done before but had heard of. They shared a first touch. The challenge of them sharing the first touch was finding a place to do it in order to avoid the heat on this hot July day and of course them seeing one another.

I staged Josh on one side of the tree and Karlie on the other. It worked out perfectly as this tree was massive. They could not see one another but if they could reach around the tree and share their first touch while also reading some things they wrote for one another, which as you might have guessed brought tears to everyone. Just imagine trying to shoot these amazing images and barely being able to see through your camera.

We were able to successfully have them share this moment without allowing them to see one another which worked out perfectly. After that, we had to get Josh and Karlie back into a cool place because man was it hot.

As the ceremony started everybody was cool and seated which was great for this hot July day. We got to share the ceremony moment with Josh and Karlie which was equally as amazing as the first touch, again there were tears.

It was a really simple wedding day and the couple was super laid-back. So after we left the church we headed over to the reception area. It was going to be a very short reception night but we were going to have fun and I wanted to create something amazing for them to remember their amazing wedding day.

So I staged my lights around back as the sun was starting to set I captured an amazing image of them sharing a kiss at the end of their night just before sunset. Can you think of a more magical day?

Photographer: McKinley G. Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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