Sunset Elopement, Hawaii

Captured & submitted by JustJess Photography

Brittany and Landon decided to elope in the beautiful paradise that is Hawaii. They were first looking at venues in our hometown of Indianapolis but then spontaneously decided they’d much rather have a dreamy getaway elopement to share their vows and get married!

Brittany and Landon gave me the honor of flying out to Hawaii as well to photograph and document their elopement. It was the most amazing experience, getting to explore this paradise. Brit and I used to work together at a local store in Indianapolis, and she was actually my manager! haha.

Brit even found a local florist to create the flower crown lei and Landon’s lei to wear day of. Big thank you to lulus lei and bouquets.

We decided to do the wedding at Kualoa Regional Park. Originally, Brit had something else in mind of where we would go in Hawaii for their elopement, but due to some miscommunications we ended up here. Which was still a drop dead gorgeous location. They exchanged their vows on the beach, with the view of the mountains in the background. China mans hat stood in the background behind Landon, and the most dreamy sunset was happening as they were exchanging their vows.

Brit’s expression changed instantly the moment they started. You could see the joy in her eyes and how present she was in this moment. Nothing else mattered anymore, the location turned into the perfect one.. it was theirs. I felt myself getting emotional just watching these two be so present to each other.

Once they were officially married, we explored around the area to get some gorgeous shots of just the two of them celebrating!

This was a beautiful ceremony and an absolute blast to photograph and be apart of! I’m so happy for these two and their new journey in life together as husband and wife!


Photographer: JustJess Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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