Art Museum Engagement

Captured & submitted by Megapixels Media


This location has been on our Photography Bucket list forever so when Venise and Ben suggested LACMA for their engagement session, we were completely excited and ready for the opportunity!

Their love story begins in Hartford, Connecticut

where the couple started working together for ESPN. They soon discovered that they had a lot in common including living on the same street. As the two became even closer, they moved to New Jersey together until their careers took them even further! Now they are permanent residents of California.

Which brings us to their Engagement Session. It was a bright Sunny day in LA when Venise and Ben met us at one of the world’s most iconic Museums of Art. The couple wore all black to be a perfect contrast between the white and gray lamp posts and lush tropical surroundings. They looked so incredibly classic in their photos and although the sun was high and that west coast heat was setting in they stayed very cool.

We love how clean, bright and sharp their photos came out.

We used the sun’s brightness to our advantage and played with the shadows that sharply fell off the architecture all around us. Shooting on the other side of the country is always a joy! But meeting these two in person was our favorite thing from the session. We kicked it off on the phone but seeing these two in person and realizing how warm and caring the two are just lifted our spirits. We can’t wait for their big day this summer!

Thank you guys for trusting us with your images, we can’t wait to see you again!


Megan + Garrett Pitts

(Husband and Wife Wedding Photographers)

Museum: LACMA//Photographer: Megapixels Media//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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