Frazier History Museum Wedding

Captured & submitted by Green Apple Photography

The Frazier History Museum is housed in the Doerhoefer building on Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky.

It was commissioned by a tobacco baron named John Doerhoefer in 1897 and established in 1898.

Although the building has been around for over a century, Frazier History Museum didn’t open until 2004.

The Frazier History Museum was founded by Owsley Brown Frazier, a local philanthropist.

The history museum’s original name was The Frazier Historical Arms Museum but shortly after opening, the focus was expanded to topics of the United States and World History.

The Frazier History Museum is home to one of the largest collection of historical miniatures and toy soldiers on permanent public display in the world.

Reception Venue:Frazier Museum//Photographer: Green Apple Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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