Beachfront Engagement Session on the Rappahannock River, VA

Captured & submitted by Kylie Hinson Photography

Molly and Tim had the most beautiful engagement session at Tim’s family vacation home on the Rappahannock River.

When they told me their love story, I couldn’t help but think that it sounded just like a Nicholas Sparks novel! Molly and Tim first met around the age of 9 when Tim and his mom came over to Molly’s house to pick up his brother. His older brother and her older sister were the same age and were friends in high school. It’s everything you imagined it was… two awkward 9 year olds who still believe in cooties and playing Yahtzee, which is still one of their favorite games today! They both went to the same school and ran with the same crowd growing up and were great friends through out the years. Everything changed Senior year… they started to seeing each other in a whole new light. They would purposely change their paths between classes, have scheduled “bathroom trips” just so they could see each other, sit out in the parking lot talking and laughing until it was empty and their parents were calling for dinner time.

The summer before college was filled with river trips, Myrtle trips, late night fire pits in the neighborhood, drive in movies, and pushing the curfew as much as they could. Molly and Tim knew they had something so special but also knew that they were about to spend many years apart. They made a promise that if they were both back in Richmond after graduation (they even had a countdown on their phones) that they would go on a date and see if the sparks were still there!

At the end of the summer, Molly and Tim said their goodbyes and went their separate ways! Tim went to Virginia Tech and Molly went to Coastal Carolina. They spent those years apart to live and grow and figure out who they were as young adults.

Years later Molly and Tim both found their way back to Richmond in their favorite bar, Pour House. Tim did some research to find out Molly was single and living in the area… he walked up to her and said, “So how about that date?”

For their date, the two went back to good ole Pour House! They had tacos and beers and ran around Publix grocery shopping giggling like they were back in Senior year of high school. After spending 6 years apart, it felt like no time has passed. Molly and Tim knew from that moment that they had something so pure and strong!

After a year of dating, Tim proposed to Molly in the mountains of Virginia surrounded by her family.

Photographer: Kylie Hinson Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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