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What to Know When You Schedule a Bridal Alteration at Tang’s 

So you’ve found your dream wedding dress, and now its time to get it tailored to perfectly complement your body. When calling to schedule your appointment, here are some of the questions you should anticipate answering

The first thing we will ask you…

When is your wedding day? 

We always ask this first in order to determine the best time to get you in the shop. Recommended time is 8-10 weeks before the wedding to begin alterations, due to normal weight fluctuations that occur as the stress of the wedding begins to compile closer to the wedding date.


Have you ever been with us before?

We ask this to determine if you are a returning customer- all past customers have profiles in our system, and If you are new to our store, we will want to begin creating a profile with your details to set up that initial appointment


When setting up your account, we will ask…

What is your first and last name? What number can we contact you at? What is your best email address? 


How did you hear about us?

We pride ourselves on our word of mouth and want to know who sent you our way! Whether it was a google search, a facebook group, or a friend recommending our small business, knowing  from means the world to us

After inputting your information, we get ready to choose your appointment time.

Appointments are between 10 am and 7 pm on weekdays. On Saturdays, appointments are before 10 am and after 2 pm. Saturdays fill up very fast. We are closed on Sundays.

An appointment confirmation text and email is sent to the bride as we book their desired appointment time, a 45 minute period

As we wrap up the scheduling process, we leave our brides with the most important tip of all DON’T FORGET YOUR WEDDING SHOES. The wedding shoes make one of the biggest differences in how we alter your gown, and many ask “can I just bring something close to what I plan on wearing”. Not exactly, as it’s not just the height of the shoes, but the way you stand in them. The shoes affect the hem, the bust line, and everything in between in the alteration process. Always. bring. your wedding shoes.

Tang’s Bridal offers beautiful wedding dresses from Maggie Sottero Designs including dresses from the Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram, and Sotterro & Midgley collections. Visit for more information

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