A Major Lesson in Wedding Gown Shopping from Lovettsville’s Mini Rose Farm

By Lisa Beth Miller

Sponsored by Mini Rose Farm

Looking for a fabulous new boutique to shop for your wedding gown? Consider Mini Rose Farm Floral & Wedding Services in Lovettsville, Virginia! Not only does this amazing boutique offer dresses from top designers, owner Joy Suits and her experienced team also offer wedding coordination, florals, and linens for your upcoming event, making a visit to Mini Rose Farm well worth the trip!

We talked to owner Joy Suits about what to expect at a wedding gown consultation with her experts.

For starters, brides should be sure to allow time for their initial gown shopping appointment.

“Every appointment here is blocked off for two and a half hours, however we don’t want to rush the process. So as long as there’s not back-to-back appointments scheduled, we are always happy to spend even more time with brides,” said Joy.

Brides should arrive on time and be ready to describe her wedding vision, venue and style. These factors will influence the dress choice, but obviously her description of her dream gown will also be super-helpful. “We love to see a bride’s inspiration photos in advance of the appointment so we can pull a few gowns that match her vision. However, sometimes a bride gets to the appointment and realizes reality is different from the Pinterest vision and we must pivot. Our wide variety allows us to do just that,” said Joy.

Once the actual appointment gets started, the best advice for brides is to remain calm and keep an open mind. “Every body type is different, and it’s a completely different experience trying on a dress versus seeing a beautiful bride in a photo on Instagram or Pinterest. Sometimes a bride knows exactly how a particular silhouette will look depending on her body type. But, more often than not, it’s a bride’s first time wearing a wedding dress and we want her to feel the most confident and beautiful she’s ever felt in her life. That’s why we encourage brides to keep an open mind when it comes to their bridal gown appointment,” Joy stated.

“It’s a delicate balance between trying on enough gowns to get a good sense of what she likes or dislikes, but not trying on too many that it gets confusing. We’re aiming for a bride to find a gown that gives her that feeling – and when we capture that moment, it’s best to step back and take a moment to evaluate all options. If the bride is comfortable making a decision in that moment, whether it’s to purchase the gown or take a day or two to step away and consider the options, we are always supportive!” As Joy described, bridal gown shopping is an emotional experience. It is helpful to bring your closest friends and/or family to bounce ideas off of, and the consultant is there to help navigate feedback and aspirations.

“It’s definitely easy to get caught up in the moment. There are so many beautiful options, how do you choose just one? The role of a bridal consultant is to serve as an unbiased third party to a bride and her entourage. There are times when too many gowns and too many opinions get in the way of a bridal appointment. We often have to delicately navigate the process to ensure the bride’s voice is heard, while taking the feelings and opinions of the entourage into consideration,” Joy concluded.

Mini Rose Farm Floral & Wedding Services is located at 39125 Rodeffer Road, Lovettsville, Virginia, 20180.

They may be reached via their website, minirosefarm.com; via email at suits@minirosefarm.com, or by telephone at 540-668-5439.




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