Washington Forest Proposal

Captured & submitted by Unleashed Elopements

Emily and Emma were chatting more about getting engaged a few months ago and knew that the rings were secretly hidden in their house- they just didn’t know when the other was going to pop the question!

Emma proposed about 2 weeks before Emily did here — took her on a surprise picnic and even suggested she paint her nails that day. They of course celebrated their engagement that day and then a couple weeks later decide to take their engagement pictures in Olympic National Park.

Emily suggested this trip knowing she actually wanted to surprise Emma with her proposal and their rings ended up being almost identical. These two obviously are meant for one another and I couldn’t get over the love and words of affirmation they showed each other.

What an amazing thing to experience – to both propose to one another! They even said that they wish every partner in a relationship could normalize both proposing and receive that special experience of surprising one another with an exciting time in their relationship.

Location:Hurricane Ridge//Photographer: Unleashed Elopements//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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