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15 Year Anniversary Renewal

Becca & JJ Slye renewed their vows after 15 years. The happy couple answered some questions about their time together.

1. How did you two meet?

Becca’s sister, Corri, started dating JJ’s best friend, Travis. JJ asked Corri if she had a sister. Funny but a totally true story! And as a matter of fact, Corri DID have a sister and once introduced, it was love at first sight. JJ and Becca had their first date on June 8, 2006 and spent every single day together for the next 6 weeks.

2. Tell me about how he/she proposed?

After their dreamy Summer of Love, JJ wanted to “sure up” their relationship before Becca headed back to Virginia Tech. Minutes before she got in the car to head south for another year of college, he proposed (yes, after only SIX WEEKS of dating) on the walking trail of a local park at the conclusion of a church picnic. They were married exactly one year from their first date and said I DO on June 8, 2007.

3. Tell me more about your life together (work, kids, hobbies)!

The Slye’s just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and fun fact, they’ve lived in TEN different houses. They have 3 beautiful children, two boys and a girl, and are currently in the process of becoming foster parents! They also own a candle business called Isle Candle Co, where they make soy based candles that also double as a warm body LOTION!

If three kids and counting and a candle business don’t keep them busy enough, they are also in the process of taking over JJ’s dad’s church and appropriately re-branding to ‘Full Circle Church’ … as in “where it all began”. You know that church picnic where JJ proposed? Yep, same church… also the same church they got married in …. and now, here they are, coming back 15 years later to become the new pastors! Talk about FULL CIRCLE!

Anything else?

Becca and JJ are huge foodies and are especially fond of spicy ethnic dishes! They take a walk together almost daily, are each other’s biggest encouragers, and love to laugh! Birdie, their travel trailer, is the newest addition to the family. Adventure is The Slye’s middle name and they can’t wait to make precious memories with their growing family. They are both extreme extroverts and don’t know a stranger. Most of all, their faith and relationship with Jesus is their number one priority and they believe that their best days are still ahead! Also- yes, Corri and Travis got married too!


Floral Designer:Honeybees Florist//Ceremony Location:Swannanoa Palace//Photographer: Rachel Jordan Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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