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Rustic Wedding at the Bradshaw-Duncan House

The couple share their story of how they met and how they fell in love.

It was a Monday night, October 15th to be exact. I can remember what I was wearing that night & what she was wearing too. And the fact that my mom had to drop me off because my Jeep was in the shop. I was meeting my friends up at The Post to celebrate Shelby’s (MOH) birthday. 

As I walked in the side door looking for my party, I noticed this hot bartender from across the room. She must have looked up right as I walked in because we instantly caught each other’s gaze. In what seemed like several minutes, a 5-second eye lock lead to Abby giving me a “head nod.” You know.. like a “what’s up” that you could give to anyone you saw from across the room. But this one was different. It caught me off guard, it made me nervous (and I don’t get nervous). So instead of returning the “hello”, my face turned red, my gaze went to the floor, and I quickly walked away to find my friends.

I got to the table, said hi to everyone, took my seat, and proceeded to ask my friends if they noticed the hot bartender. I said “I’m not really sure what just happened but she head nodded me and I got nervous and ran away. One of my friends said “Who Abby? You know who that is! 

She went on to tell me who she was and why I knew her. I instantly thought ‘well hell I need to go back down and say hello’. She will think I was being rude when really I was just intimidated.

I walked down, walked right up to her, and went straight in for a hug. We said our hellos, I told her how good she looked. And I went back to my dinner. But I couldn’t stop looking down at her. Even in her alien hoodie, geriatric tennis shoes, crystal necklace, and weird satchel around her waist… I was into it. She had my attention.
 It was then I texted Laura Hicks & I said Abby Lare?? She’s working at the post.. I want to hangout with her. Thats when I asked Laura to text Abby and tell her I needed a coke (mind you Abby is not our server but I wanted her to come to the table). She awkwardly walked over to hand me my coke, asked where our server was, & I said “she’s right here, I just wanted you to bring it.

That dinner turned in to late night drinks with Laura at The Post. I was shy & didn’t say much. Just observed. Abby made shots to celebrate my birthday which was a few days before, that’s the night I was introduced to tequila and pickle juice! I guess that loosened me up because I wrote “You’re cute.. text me” with my number on the receipt and there hasn’t been a day since that I haven’t talked to Abby!

From there we talked for a little while. To be perfectly honest, she was pretty upfront about not wanting to date me. But I insisted it was a good idea. Used all my best jokes. Went to bars I never had before. Went to shows with her I would have never gone to without her. I figured out a way to trick her into dating me. After 2 months (to the day) of us meeting, I made her a scavenger hunt that ended in asking her to be my girl! She use to think all that corny love stuff was lame, but it worked!

5 months later we moved in together. Which seemed like an eternity to wait in lesbian years (haha). We had a few rough patches along the way, don’t get me wrong. Our animals didn’t love each other at first. We had to figure out our roles within the household. How to juggle family, friends, work, pets, etc. But even when it got hard there was one thing we always knew for sure, that we loved each other endlessly! We joke all the time that quarantine is what really brought us closer together. And as nervous as I was that we would kill each other by the end of it… it made our relationship 100 times stronger. Abby went from someone I was dating to someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with!



Event Venue: Bradshaw- Duncan House//Photographer: Through a Summers lens photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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