Josephine and Brian’s Elopement at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool

Captured by Dearest
Submitted by Simply Eloped


“Brian and I met at a housecleaning/bonfire party. We met around a burning sofa and talked a little. When he walked away I wondered aloud to my friend if he was single. He then asked me out on social media, which I didn’t see for a week. So poor Brian thought I rejected him. When I finally saw it I said yes immediately. We then had our first date at an ice cream parlor where we talked until it closed, and the rest is history!

We chose Simply Eloped because we didn’t want a big wedding and I don’t really like planning events. I had no idea elopement services like Simply Eloped were a thing, and was so relieved when I found them. They had good reviews and lots of good locations to choose from.

We chose the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond because it was beautiful in the photos and was wheelchair accessible for our friend. We met at her bonfire party after all so we needed a place that would work for all of us. It was also not a bad drive for us and our friends as we all live in Wisconsin and Chicago isn’t too far. Plus Brian had some family around that area that we visited after. The elopement itself turned out literally perfect and all the vendors were wonderful. It was a beautiful experience all around.”


Ceremony Location: Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool//Floral Designer: Ashland and Addison//Other: Sarah Gehman//Makeup Artist: Emily Van Scoy & Co.//Event Planner: Something Profound Weddings//Event Planner: Simply Eloped//Photographer: Dearest//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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