Elopement Out in Nature and Under the Stars

Captured & submitted by Adventure Amore


Kayla and Zane’s day was the perfect adventurous mix of exploring mountains, beaches, waterfalls, lakes and stars all while celebrating a love that’s just so dang powerful.  The day started off in a quaint mountain motel where Kayla got ready with her best friend’s help, and their dog, Kona. Zane, built up the anticipation by getting ready in his own private room. Once they were ready we were off to the first look. They wanted to see each other for the first time at the same time, so they walked backwards along the beach until they were right up against each other. You can see from the photos just how joyous they were when they finally turned around and saw how gorgeous they looked.

From there we were off to their picnic. We had a little hike to an overlook above the lake, and stretching out past the blue waters were the majestic mountains beyond Leadville. They put down a blanket, took out their favorite picnic foods, and had a blast. Even making sure to give Kona a little bite or two. From there we headed out to a roaring waterfall. Not the highest waterfall there is, but still stunning in its own right. They played around, exploring, and taking in the power of the scene.

After all that build up, they were finally ready to get married. We walked out to the edge of the lake, where we were all alone. They said their vows which brought forth both tears and huge belly laughs. There wasn’t a dry eye anywhere to be seen. After years of waiting, they finally said ‘I Do’, kissed and were married! Now that they were married, it was time to celebrate!

We explored the riverside leading into the lake, they popped champagne (well, sparkling water for LNT purposes), and Kayla surprised Zane with a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Garter. It’s his favorite team and she wanted to include them in their day! As the sun began to disappear behind the mountains they brought out letters from their closest family members. Each one was personalized to them, and a significant way to include them in their special day.

Once their teary eyes were wiped dry, it was time to celebrate some more. Camp-fire dinner, hot chocolate, cake, and champagne were on the menu. When they signed their marriage license they made sure to have Kona witness. They finished off an epic full-day elopement underneath the stars, reaffirming their love for each other. The stars shone bright, but they shone brighter.


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Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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