Romantic Rooftop Proposal at Sunset

Captured & submitted by Anne Stephenson Photo & Narrative


After dating Irlee (pronounced “early”) for three years, Oscar decided on a romantic surprise proposal on July 22, 2022. With the help of local Colorado family and friends along with the bride’s family from Texas, they put a plan into place.

Oscar rented an Airbnb in Golden, Colorado that he knew had an open rooftop with a sunset view. He carefully crafted the scene with a large heart made of red balloons. Inside the balloon heart a white neon message glowed with the question: “Will you Marry Me.”

In front of the heart, he placed a combination of real and LED candles and an assortment of red roses in crystal vases. As family and friends waited, at the last minute they helped strew rose petals. Given Colorado’s wind, the timing needed to be just before the critical moment of arrival, or they would be blown off of the rooftop deck.

Oscar arrived just shortly after his target time, despite predictions of his being most likely late. As his photographer, we had talked through when golden hour would start and he wanted the best lighting for the moment.

He blindfolded Irlee and led her up the twisted and narrow stairwell. While she suspected something was up, she did not know what would unfold at her destination and would be surprised.

On bended knee, Oscar proposed. He professed his love in a circle of family and friends waiting on the deck. They both cried happy tears and she said, “YES!”

The couple received congratulations from friends and family. After hugs, lots of photographs and time enjoying the last bits of lingering sun, they went downstairs for dinner.

Oscar spared no details in decor for the dining area. Bouquets of pink roses and a circular wreath of balloons framed a laser-cut engagement ring with their names and dates inscribed. A wall-hung memory tree of photographs showcased their time dating. The rose-colored silverware and coordinating votive lights gave a beautiful ambiance to the scene.

Side note: I’m honored to have been Oscar’s last-minute substitute for capturing his proposal. His other photographer canceled at the last minute due to a case of COVID. Despite setbacks, Oscar put together a beautiful scene and created a memorable proposal that will be talked about by their families for years to come.


Location: AirBNB House//Photographer: Anne Stephenson Photo & Narrative//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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