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Marjorie and Ashley’s Modern Outdoor Country Club Wedding

Captured & submitted by Riley Glenn Photography


“We matched on Hinge the day before I (Ashley) had major hip surgery that was going to leave me pretty immobile for 6-8 weeks. Despite that, Marj offered to bring breakfast over to my apartment (that she didn’t eat because she was too nervous) and the rest is kind of history. We had about 4 weeks of “normal life” before the pandemic hit and Marj ended up hunkering down with me in my 450 Sq. Ft. Brooklyn studio until my lease was up at the end of June. We found a bigger apartment which within 2 weeks Marj had volunteered us to foster a pregnant dog through one of the local rescues. We ended up having 13 dogs total (our actual dog, the foster mom and her 11 puppies) for 8 weeks which was… a lot. It was during that time that we knew that we were each others people and I proposed in December of 2020 while we were visiting her family here in Austin. Sine then, we have decided to uproot our Brooklyn life and plant more permanent roots here in Austin!”


Officiant:Ross Thomason//Event Planner: Blue Events & Co//Event Venue: Salt Lick BBQ//Photographer: Riley Glenn Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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