Mckenna and Caleb’s Tropical Hawaiian Wedding

Captured & submitted by Theel Wedding Productions


Caleb and I met while attending Central Washington University. We met through mutual friends and had an instant connection. Both of us looked at each other as only friends, giving us the chance to get to know each other on a different platform. A little over a year in, I had a dream that he confessed his love to me, I confided in a close friend and she thought it would be a good idea to put it in Caleb’s ear. Shortly after that encounter he confessed his love to me and we were dating the next day. Making the dream I had, become a reality.

In the early discussions of wedding locations we weren’t exactly sure where we wanted to have it. We knew we wanted to venture outside of Washington but just couldn’t pinpoint where. After a brief discussion Hawaii seemed like a no brainer. We both had loved our separate previous trips to the island and after that was said out loud there was no going anywhere else. That would be where we say our “I do’s.”

The journey to the wedding was a huge growing point for us. Getting engaged in 2020, shortly after the world was learning to deal with Covid, we decided to plan the wedding a couple years out to ensure we wouldn’t have any complications. Little did we know we would lose two photographers, five bridesmaids, and the inability of my grandmother coming to the wedding due to a broken back. Our first photographer, who previously did our engagement photos in pismo beach dunes, CA was pregnant and due close to our wedding date. We decided to go another route but our second informed us she was not getting the vaccination. In the midst of the photographer drama, I learned that all five of my bridesmaids were unvaccinated and will not be attending the wedding. One grandmother, Two photographers, five bridesmaids not going with four months until I Do’s. My mom, sister in law and I decided to have a girls weekend to sit down and find the photographer of my dreams. That is when we discovered Ari with Theel wedding productions. I fell in love with their work and felt this was meant to be. Their response was quick and almost immediate. I also discovered that they had worked closely with my hair and makeup artist, Reveal hair and makeup, and had just done a shoot at our Turtle Bay venue. Things were finally starting to turn around!

I have always been a person who knows what I want, and having a person like Caleb who not only puts up with that but encourages it really helps when it comes to something in life like getting proposed to. Every girl knows the ring they want but don’t always get the chance or opportunity to pick the exact one. I knew I wanted a radiant cut above average size, so we decided that designing the ring together would be the best choice. But I also wanted that surprise factor of not knowing. We went to our local jewelry store and had amazing help. After not liking anything in the showroom cases they outsourced some diamonds from their New York office for us to look at. The diamonds they brought were stunning, I narrowed down my top three for Caleb and left the building so he could choose the diamond and then design the band, he had more than enough pictures of what I wanted. I waited in the car for him and as soon as he got into the vehicle he started playing the “I didn’t buy it card”. After a couple of months passed we had another talk about it, which he then sat me down and told me financially we weren’t in the place to buy a ring of that magnitude. I started to believe him. My birthday was around the corner and I had slight hope that he was just joking and he would bring it out on my birthday to propose. We were on a family crabbing vacation and I was determined he would get it done. Everyone was there, my mom, dad, aunt, brother ect., he did not propose. Finally I truly thought he didn’t have the ring. A few days later he finally got me on a normal day at home, we were on our way to just a normal lunch, him knowing I would want to be in the outfit of my choosing and have pictures he surprised me at breakfast and told me to get ready we were headed to a destination location in Washington for photos and lunch just 30 minutes away from our home at the time.

The dress is where every wedding starts, you dream of the day you walk down the aisle to your best friend, with all your closest family and friends all there to watch you. I had nostalgic connections with Marcella’s bridal in Spokane, WA,. It was where my aunt designed her wedding dress and where we designed my dress to be her flower girl. My mother actually picked out the first dress I tried on, she knew my taste and as I walked out we both knew this was going to be the one. Bring the person I am, I already knew the alterations I wanted. We needed to take the connector out of the back for an open back concept and change the high neck to a plunging neckline. Everything was going perfect, time for last measurements. Unfortunately Caleb and I got Covid about a month before the wedding, on last measurements I had to drop an entire dress size, luckily Marcella was extremely efficient and fixed it in a timely manner for no more scares. We were off to say I Do’s.

Wedding style. White-out. Plain and simple I wanted everyone in white. I thought it was a beautiful style and I was not worried about anyone upstaging me on my day. Many people questioned me and told me if I was sure I wanted other people to wear white to my wedding. Me being who I am, didn’t entertain it for a second. As soon as I said I wanted an all white wedding, it was happening. Turtle bay’s glamour and location instantly intrigued me. The chapel with the Hawaiian outdoors, plus the benefit of being in a resort were three big things on my checklist. Caleb’s father is a pastor and keeping some of that religion from his background was important. We were already in Hawaii, but the correct backdrop, and outdoor feels were all things I searched for. The all white wedding turned out clean and effortless, everyone in all white under the chapel was exactly how I imagined it, and as soon as my guests saw it in person they couldn’t have agreed more.


Transportation:Noob Entertainment//Beauty:Reveal Hair and Makeup//Reception Venue: Turtle Bay Resort//Floral Designer:Easley Designs//Event Planner:Jill Easley//Photographer: Theel Wedding Productions//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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