Twin Lakes Golf Club

Twin Lakes Golf Club Offers Fabulous Photo Backdrops for Any Wedding

By Dawn Klavon

Twin Lakes Golf Club, in Clifton, Virginia, is a renowned spot for Northern Virginia weddings.

“The most important aspect of our facility is the beautiful views,” said Amanda Mason, event director at Twin Lakes Golf Course. “They make for a wonderful backdrop in photos.”

Couples can eagerly plan their Twin Lakes wedding, knowing staff offers flexibility, helpful suggestions and the buildability of the venue. Creative options are available to custom tailor the wedding and reception space.

“The room you start with is a blank canvas that can cater to create your perfect day,” Mason said.

The pristine location has hosted weddings for couples from numerous cultural and religious backgrounds, providing a delightful venue no matter the requirements. Great care is given to provide excellent service, knowledgeable input and creative touches to make each wedding personal and unique. 

Twin Lakes Golf Club


Twin Lakes, in some cases, can schedule over a year in advance but typically books out 6-12 months prior, Mason said. Upon receiving an initial contact, the Twin Lakes staff will usually schedule a venue tour to answer any questions that couples may have, followed by going through the contract, signing the contract and taking a deposit. The entire Twin Lakes team goes above and beyond to serve wedding couples. Their flexibility and commitment to excellence shows in even the tiniest details.

“There will always be at least two staff members dedicated to your event who handle trash disposal, the tables and chairs will be arranged before you get there and removed after you’ve left,” Mason said. “We offer a wide selection of beer and wine, a beautiful outdoor ceremony space and we allow any licensed outside catering companies.”

Every Wedding is Unforgettable

Twin Lakes staff are proud to offer extraordinary service to couples, even making last minute changes to accommodate late-breaking needs.

“We had a wedding this past August and they were planning an outside ceremony but it was supposed to be one of the hottest days of the summer so they had to rent a tent last minute,” Mason recalled. “I was able to work with the rental company to ensure that it could be reserved and delivered on short notice – it ended up being so hot and humid but the couple provided personalized hand-fans to their guests and it ended up being so beautiful. The air conditioned reception was VERY well received.”

Great Venue. Great Price.

Twin Lakes is a beautiful option that keeps costs down to meet the needs of every couple. Their wedding package is one of the most cost-effective in the area, Mason said, making it easier to pick and choose what options will work best for you.


For more information about weddings at Twin Lakes Golf Club, please contact Amanda Mason at (703-324-9702) or





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